Artist statement

My journey begins during my freshmen year at 7 East 10th Street, commonly known as The Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at NYU. It has since served as my synagogue, library, dining hall and my second home. My work within Jewish undergraduate communities on the campus of NYU and around the globe has been an integral part of my college experience, inspiring me to open my ears, my heart, my soul and my mind. Throughout this journey, I have been incredibly fortunate to photograph inspirational students and learn about their Jewish perspectives. 

This body of work is a sampling of answers to my favorite question, “How do you connect to Judaism?”. Photographing these subjects, I had the opportunity to push and pry several of my Jewish peers to reveal impressions from years of emotions and feelings, resulting in authentic representations of their responses in the form of images and vocal tracks.  During the crafting of these pieces, I learned about facets of Judaism I had not previously explored. I engaged in some of my all-time favorite discussions, really getting under the hood of the car of what Judaism meant to each of my subjects. Ultimately, I began to reflect on my own connection to Judaism, initiating my personal internal soul searching mission. Simply stated, you won’t be catching me eating bacon anytime soon.