Zachary Wolff

A Note ON THE QUESTION BEGS From the Photographer

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with two things more than anything in life – Judaism and photography. The Question Begs provided me with both the space and opportunity to combine the two, while expanding my database of Jewish stories and forcing me to question aspects of my own Jewish practice. I loved photographing and speaking with each of the ten individuals featured within this iteration of the project, and hope that these nine portraits serve as just the beginning of my capturing and exploring of the begging question. I truly believe that a thesis project must be a body of work that serves as a culmination of study, and to me these images do just that, representing my time as an undergraduate at NYU and in New York City so well. From countless Bronfman & Hillel meetings around the world, time spent doing work for Judaic Studies courses and the hours at a time I would spend in rooms without windows in 721 Broadway (home to the Tisch School of the Arts) expanding my knowledge and skills of a craft that I hold so close to my heart– I couldn’t have picked a better set of images to support my candidacy for my degree. 


Zach Wolff is currently a senior at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Imaging, with a double minor in Hebrew & Judaic Studies and Business of Media, Entertainment and Technology.

Raised on Long Island, Zach served as the Editor-in-Chief of his middle school's yearbook and the Photography Editor of both his high school's newspaper & yearbook for three years. Following a stint working in real estate during his time in undergrad, he served as a Studio & Production Intern for Annie Leibovitz- the prominent American portrait photographer. 

Upon graduation from NYU in May 2018, Zach aspires to pursue a career in advertising, editorial and documentary photography – while continuing to engage in work within the Jewish community in his free time.

Zach can be reached by phone at +1 516-477-4780 or by email at zach@zachwolffphotography.com, View more of his work at zachwolffphotography.com.

PHOTOGRAPHEr's Acknowledgements

There are so many people and organizations which without this project wouldn’t have been possible.

Mom & Dad: Thank you for allowing me to follow my dream of studying Photography at Tisch, and for supporting me in so many ways. You two mean the world to me and I couldn’t have done any of this without your help at each step of the way. Tom: From the moment that I walked into my first class with you (my freshmen Analog class) in the Fall of 2014– I knew that I would be in for a special treat, and boy was I right! Thank you so much for serving as my academic, career and photographic advisor and mentor and for being someone who I can always rely on to tell me a funny Jewish joke or story. Dan, Matt + Josh: Thank you for being my best friends in the world and for always being so supportive of me, no matter how ridiculous you think my ideas, thoughts or stories might be. To my friends, you know who you are: Thank you for always being there and supporting me, morning, day, night and in the midst of the night no matter where we might be in the world. I  treasure our friendships and love you all so much. Zehavya, Hannah, Ross and Isabella: Thank you for being my partners in my work on campus and throughout the globe. Each of you have taught me so much about myself, about the Jewish people and about what it means to be a leader. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with all of you as well as call you my thought-partners and friends (and roommate @ Queen Z). To my peers, the DPI Class of 2018: Thank you so much for allowing me to be your partner in this work. It has been an incredible journey together and I can’t wait to see the mind-blowing work you continue to produce in the future.  To those brave enough to be featured in this project, all Jewish students & people as well as  Bronfman Center and Hillel International staff members that I have had the opportunity to work with: Thank you so much for believing in me, trusting me and sharing your stories with me and for providing me with the opportunity to work alongside you in this holy work of positively impacting the Jewish world.

There is no doubt that I wouldn’t be the person, son, brother, friend, photographer, collaborator, organizer or leader that I am today without all of you listed and many others. Thank you all so much for making such an impact on me, my life, my college experience and our world.